Santa Rosa Day Spa

Celeste Switala Beauty

Celeste Switala Beauty is a full-service day spa in Sebastopol, California that specializes in skin care treatments, body waxings, and spa services. We love teaching clients about their individual skin types and needs and will help them achieve their best and most beautiful skin. Our local spa is the perfect place to enjoy rejuvenating skin care treatment, receive our waxing services, experience BEMER treatments and relax. As a full-service day spa, we serve clients all over the North Bay Area including Napa, Sonoma, Santa Rosa, Eureka, Novato, and more.

Our local spa is the perfect place to enjoy rejuvenating skin care treatments, receive our waxing services, experience BEMER treatments and simply take the time to relax. You deserve to treat yourself and take care of your body and skin at our one of a kind Sebastopol day spa.

We are conveniently located right off of Main Street in Sebastopol, California. Give us a call today at (707) 535-9641 to book your spa treatment appoint or click the link below to choose from any of our spa services.

Sonoma Skin Care & Waxing

With Celeste Switala Beauty, you choose the amount of time that you would like to spend in my care and I will work with you to customize the best treatment(s) for your skin type and concerns and needs. From eyebrows to bikini wax, we offer professional hair removal in a calm, relaxing environment. Celeste Switala Beauty offers:

– Skin Care & Spa Treatments
– Spa Packages
– Skin Treatment & Spa For Men
– BEMER Sessions or Series
– Face Waxing
– Body Waxing
– Bikini Waxing

Our goal at Celeste Switala Beauty is to help you achieve confidence by enhancing you natural beauty and turn it into something spectacular. Click the link below to book an appointment with us today and experience one of our many skin care treatment options, waxing  sessions, and more.

Sonoma and Santa Rosa Professional Makeup

Celeste Switala Beauty offers professional makeup for:

– High Definition
– Television
– Makeup Artistry
– Commercial
– Fashion
– Special Effects
– Tattoo Coverage
– And more

Please contact us about Production Makeup & Styling pricing and information at our Sebastopol day spa.

BEMER Products and Treatment

Bemer Treatments

BEMER Physical Vascular Technology affects the largest portion (74%) of our cardiovascular system, which is called microcirculation. Because the blood vessels are so small, there are limited diagnostics and treatments. For this reason, microcirculation has often been overlooked, despite the fact that it is physiologically very important. It is only within the capillaries that essential exchanges take place. Every cell in the body depends on receiving oxygen, nutrients and waste removal via microcirculation.

The uniqueness and power of BEMER comes from the fact that it works precisely where these key life-sustaining exchanges occur.

The patented BEMER signal is the active element. It has a very specific waveform, comprised of an overlay of ascending sine waves, containing 40 peaks and valleys, before each component or stimulus reaches its maximum amplitude. A pulsed electromagnetic field provides the transport mechanism for this specific stimulus to be delivered throughout the entire body, with the end result that BEMER triggers vasomotion.