Céleste Switala is a freelance makeup artist based in San Francisco & Napa Valley.  Her combined knowledge of makeup & skincare as a licensed esthetician, allows her to accentuate a recognizable style of luminous glowing skin, making her a staple in the beauty, fashion and commercial industry.

Her attention to detail and flexibility on set combined with her uplifting demeanor and consistent dedication to her craft has made her an asset to any creative team.  

When she’s not on set as a makeup artist, Céleste is the CEO of Lech Lecha Beauty.  A naturally focused, indie beauty brand in California who's mission it is to uplift and inspire you in making your body, mind and soul a pleasant place to live through simplified self care products & positive mindset practices. 

 With over 8 years of experience she has had the opportunity to work throughout many industries with...

Clients: Strukshur, Monkey Bike, Capo Cycling, Credit Karma, Dripless Inc, Citadel and Knotty Vines 

Celebrities: Joan Chen, Alyssa Jirrels, Pearce Joza and Rick Gomez

Publications: V Magazine China, Malvie Magazine, Picton Magazine, and Boyfriend Magazine

Artists Assisted: Jordan Liberty for Peace Out Skincare X Sephora Event