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It is with tremendous enthusiasm that the Sonoma, Napa Valley, Wine Country welcomes one of its newest, young women entrepreneurs.

Having grown up & worked in the local wedding industry, Celeste Switala, a licensed skin therapist (esthetician) and professional make up artist, has now launched her own new venture, Celestial Skin Care.

Celestial Skin Care, located in downtown Sebastopol, is a warm & relaxing environment, offering a wide variety of packages & services for both women & men (LBGT friendly) include facials, microdermabrasion, full body waxing (including Brazilian and Manzilian waxing), eyebrow shaping, eyelash extensions, LED light therapy & much more…

She also provides professional on site bridal makeup at your hotel or venue. Please visit for a full list of services & to book your appointment on line.

Whether you are local, or on a vacation getaway, are planning a destination wedding or attending an event, an appointment with Celeste is a must! Celeste’s great techniques, wonderful product lines and innovative tools of the trade produce results that are nothing short of amazing.

Celeste loves sharing educational information with her clients and teaching them how to properly care for their skin between treatments. Her whole philosophy and mission is to help people achieve their goals for amazing skin, rather than covering it up. With careful planning, and the proper treatments, good skin is (achievable.)

“Helping people achieve confidence by enhancing their natural beauty has always been my greatest passion” says Celeste “ along with educating my clients about their individual skin type, and teaching them how to properly care for it between treatments. Everyone has different concerns, and goals. I want to help them achieve those goals for their best and most beautiful skin”

Celeste has traveled to many parts of the world, including several parts of Europe and India, and is on a continuous journey to learn and discover the culturally enriching beauty secrets that every place & it’s people have to offer. Sometimes Grandma’s secret recipes & ingredients are the best. Celeste can often be found creating new skin care recipes or “cocktails” as she so cleverly calls them, in her kitchen, incorporating tried & true ingredients in their purest form, many that the beauty industry has forgotten or ignores. “My short term goal is to perfect one of my concoctions that I have been working on & market it, so it is accessible to everyone who wants it” says Celeste. “It combines many benefits in one bottle rather than having to purchase several products, and the results have been rewarding!” Stay tuned for more developments!

Additionally, as a distributer for BEMER, Celeste uses this innovative technology to enhance her clients’ treatments, as well as has clients who come in solely to have a BEMER session. BEMER is a class 1 medical device that was originally designed for athletes and racehorses, and uses a technology that mimics the Earth’s natural magnetic waves. By using this technology BEMER encourages your body to preform a motion called “Vasomotion”, which is the pumping of the veins and capillaries, promoting microcirculation in the body. By promoting microcirculation, your body’s internal doctor is called and you body is then better able to do exactly what it was designed to do, heal itself.

My Celestial Skin Care provides top of the line skin care and treatment in the Santa Rosa area. From spa treatments, to bridal makeup and professional makeup, to waxings, Celestial Skin Care offers you the best treatment in Sebastopol. Give us a call for more information at (707) 535-9641.


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