Spring is here and what better way to kick it off than to give your skin a good spring cleaning? It’s a time to refresh, and replenish. There are so many great vitamins in foods that will promote that healthy glow that will make you feel and look great! Read on and learn some great ways to eat your way to clearer skin.

While the seasons change, so does our diets. Ellie Kreieger, one of the most followed and favorite food gurus is New York Times bestselling author and Cooking Channel’s host of “Healthy Appetite”. Kreieger is a registered dietitian with a master’s degree in nutrition. She put together a list of recommendations for your best spring skin care diet:


Processed foods, you know the ones with ingredients you can’t pronounce, are filled with sugars that spike your blood sugar level. Foods like white breads and flours can lead to dull skin and breakouts. Instead choose whole grain food that are rich in vitamins. Foods like quinoa, brown rice, and whole wheat are packed with proteins, fiber, vitamins, antioxidants and minerals.


Go natural! Optimize your health and glowing completion with the vitamins from super rich antioxidant foods like berries. They are naturally sweet with a low glycemic index, so they won’t spike your blood sugar. A food like acai berries are extremely high in Vitamin C, working hard to fight the cell damage and aging of free radicals. Get your berry on, and watch your skin stay young and radiant. Whipping up a morning smoothie is a great way to kick off your day. Try blending ice, coconut water, lemon, spinach, strawberries and blueberries for a berry-ful smoothie!


Fish is a great food to incorporate in your daily beauty regimen. One of the best kept secrets, is that oily fish are high in fatty acids and protein. These nutrients are crucial in stimulating the production of healthy skin cells. Omega 3 fatty acids support a healthy inflammatory response promoting clearer skin, and they also serve as a natural moisturizer!


When we stick to basics, our bodies have a better time assimilating the nutrients. Leave the condiments on the shelf, but instead go for a choice the pink Himalayan salt that detoxifies, hydrates and helps balance blood sugar, leading to a fresh completion. Add a squeeze of lemon! Lemons promote healthy digestions, act as natural flush, and boosts the immune system. Lemons also have antibacterial properties can help treat acne. One of our favorite ways to incorporate lemon is to infuse it with water! Simply add lemon, strawberries and mint for refreshing infused water!

Being naturally beautiful starts with a natural balance. Nourish your skin by maintaining a healthy, balanced diet. Look and feel great by choosing the right foods, let them work from the inside out. As said by the infamous Hippocrates, “Let thy food be thy medicine”.

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