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We all know that with everything, the best results come with consistence. As habitual creatures we find ourselves practicing the same rituals day in and day out. Implementing healthy habits will help support a healthy body and a great complexion. We looked into daily routines of the women who have healthy skin as a guide!


We all know, after a long day you will just want to hit the sack without washing your face or removing your makeup. Don’t do it! Be sure to make time for this vital practice. Properly removing you make up and washing your face will make the biggest difference between glowing skin and dull clogged pores. NYC dermatologist Francesca Fusco shares, “makeup can get pushed deeper into your pores, leading to acne’.

Another thing to note is that some dead skin cells are designed to shed on a daily basis. Makeup can inhibit your skins natural ability to shed and renew itself. This can lead to breakouts and fine lines. When removing your makeup, use a round cotton pad and a mild cleanser. Take it to the next level and combine with purified water, the vitamin B3 will wipe away your makeup with ease. Our favorite makeup remover is organic coconut oil, perfect for all skin types but especially for dry and sensitive skin. Scoop out and slather on your face using a light upward circular motion, working into your skin, then use a cotton pad to wipe away. This technique is particularly great for that stubborn waterproof mascara because it is safe to use around your eyes! And don’t worry about the excess oil residue, simply apply a cleanser and wash as normal. This barrier between the skin and the cleanser will help keep your skin hydrated and feel less tight after a wash.


The skin around your eyes is very delicate. Tugging, rubbing and excessive friction causes your skin to stretch over time. Whether you are removing your makeup or you are washing your face, show a little TLC for your eye area. Use a light downward motion to remove your shadow, liner and mascara; and go for a non-greasy formula preferably one with vitamin B5 and E. Some makeup removers can cause irritation, whereas vitamins will sooth the skin.


It is important to know the importance of water intake and it not just being a break time excuse during your daily sweat sesh. A properly hydrated body will function optimally, and help flush out toxins. It is a crucial element for keeping your skin radiant and healthy from the inside and out. The recommended amount of water intake a day is eight 8-ounce glasses at minimum. Drink up and watch your skin glow with life.


You will be surprised at how much exposure your skin has to the sun throughout the day. Apply a SPF moisturizer after you wash your face. This will help protect you over the years from brown spots and fine lines. Even if you don’t see the sun out in the morning, make it a habit and use a face cream with a SPF 30 or higher. After this step you can apply your makeup. Dot the moisturizer around your face, neck, chin, forehead and blend for proper protection.


Our skin can pick up so much unwanted traces of makeup, bacteria and hair products from our pillow cases. Wash your bedding once a week, and halfway through flip your pillow to avoid build up.


We all know that moment when you wake up in the morning and look in the mirror and see that little guy starring back at you. You are so tempted to pick and push it out, but don’t! That pimple, blackhead or bump needs to be left alone. The odds are that you will likely drive bacteria deeper into your skin, causing inflammation. The bacteria from your nails and fingers are easily transferred. Instead place an ice cube on it for 20 second intervals for a few minutes to reduce inflammation and apply a spot treatment with salicylic acid.

Once we start practicing these daily regimens they will become routine. We will look and feel our best. Be consistent with your beauty regiment and the results will speak for themselves. Celestial Skin Care is dedicated to helping you achieve your best complexion.


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