Bemer Treatments

BEMER Physical Vascular Technology affects the largest portion (74%) of our cardiovascular system, which is called microcirculation. Because the blood vessels are so small, there are limited diagnostics and treatments. For this reason, microcirculation has often been overlooked, despite the fact that it is physiologically very important. It is only within the capillaries that essential exchanges take place. Every cell in the body depends on receiving oxygen, nutrients and waste removal via microcirculation.

The uniqueness and power of BEMER comes from the fact that it works precisely where these key life-sustaining exchanges occur.

The patented BEMER signal is the active element. It has a very specific waveform, comprised of an overlay of ascending sine waves, containing 40 peaks and valleys, before each component or stimulus reaches its maximum amplitude. A pulsed electromagnetic field provides the transport mechanism for this specific stimulus to be delivered throughout the entire body, with the end result that BEMER triggers vasomotion.



As a society, we are not as healthy as we would all like to believe. From a functional point of view, microcirculation is the most important part of the human circulatory system and occurs in the body’s vast network of fine, tiny blood vessels. Here, it performs vital transport functions: it supplies organs and tissue with oxygen and nutrients, carries away metabolic end products and boosts the immune system. Restricted or disturbed microcirculation causes the cells of the body to age quicker and is the cause of many disorders and illnesses.



At the core of BEMER technology is a physical, multi-dimensional signal structure which effectively stimulates restricted or disturbed microcirculation like a microvascular pacemaker applied from the outside. In this way, BEMER therapy functions as a highly effective support for one of the body’s most important regulatory mechanisms for prevention as well as for the process of healing, recovery and regeneration.

Why Choose Bemer?

BEMER Technology uses a gentle pulsed electromagnetic field to open the microcirculation by increasing the production of nitric oxide. This results in vasodilation and an increase in the rhythmic contraction of tiny venules and arterioles. These rhythmic contractions are known as vasomotion. Vasomotion supports the overall function of the heart and circulatory system. As vasomotion is stimulated, more blood flows through the capillary networks throughout the body. As capillary blood flow increases, more nutrients and oxygen are given to the cells and more waste products are removed from the cells. With this exchange, energy production is optimized. As cellular metabolism improves, the body is better able to regulate internal organs and overall function.

A single 8 minute session on the BEMER mat has been demonstrated to increase the rate of vasomotion from a single contraction per ten-minute period (sub-optimally), to 1-2 contractions per minute. Strong vasomotion promotes the circulation of white blood cells to tissues that are otherwise deprived of oxygen, and therefore increases immune function and quickens wound-healing time. These benefits are maintained for up to 16 hours after the one 8 minute session of BEMER therapy. Pertinent Facts: 27% Accelerated Vasomotion 29% Better Blood Distribution in the Capillary Network 31% Stronger Venous Reflux 29% Higher Oxyen Utilisation These values are maximums after 30 days of BEMER Therapy.

Find out more about Bemer by watching this 30 minute video.